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The Circle of Friends series follows a group of young adults as they face different challenges and learn to overcome. The emotionally gripping stories focus on love, friendships and the pursuit of dreams. Aimed at adults/young adults, these books defy the growing trend of salacious titles, especially for teenagers. Positive and uplifting, this series will leave readers determined to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

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Media Release March 2010

Young adult novelist exclaims that love and friendship overcome all obstacles

She is known as “Spunk On A Stick.” Her wit and writing have earned her a special moniker – “encouragement personified.”

North Carolina based author L. Diane Wolfe has just come out with the fifth book in her The Circle of Friends series, a developing set of inspirational fiction books for young adults.

We may all want to be successful at what we do and dream of finding love along the way, but the realities of life often create for some very trying circumstances.

“Nonetheless,” Diane says, “with a positive attitude, any goal can be achieved.”

Her new book delves into the life of Heather Jennings, a young woman whose new job at Clemson means that she will finally be able to realize her dream of coaching basketball. She’s ready to focus on her duties, using sheer force and personal drive to prove her independence.

But our heroine is challenged when her father is diagnosed with cancer, and she has to deal with a sister who is incapable of responsibility or achievement. Once basketball season begins, a talented but cocky player challenges all that remains of her patience.

The tensions in her already complicated life turn tumultuous when she meets a man capable of handling her bold and feisty attitude. However, the last thing Heather needs is a serious relationship with a man equally fixated on work and opposed to marriage.

Will love find a way?

The Circle of Friends
Book V…Heather
By L. Diane Wolfe

March 16, 2010, YA fiction, List $19.95
Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.
ISBN 978-0-9816210-5-0

Available in bookstores nationwide and online.

As a young adult writer, Ms. Wolfe sets herself apart with compelling and passionate descriptions of what really happens between people in real life. Each of her books focuses on young adults, the challenges they face, and the things they need to learn and do to overcome the difficulties that must be addressed if they are to succeed and triumph.

Her writing is commendably down to earth about the role romance plays in the lives of young people.

Positive, uplifting and PG-rated, her books are well respected and consistently defy the ever present rash of salacious, negative trash that overflows the shelves at bookstores.

Ms. Wolfe has some very strong feelings and advice for young people.

“It’s all about choices!” she says. “The choices you make now will affect your entire life.”

Relationships – We all want friends, to fall in love. Do you understand the dynamics of a healthy relationship? Do you know how to use people skills and maintain friendships?

DO – remain faithful and respect others; actively listen to others and be generous with praise; keep lines of communication open; be honest

e. g. - When your friend does well on a test, praise them! If a conflict arises, don’t play the silent game – talk to your friend!

DON’T – remain in a negative & destructive relationship; pretend to care – it must be genuine; be motivated by selfish reasons; argue when it’s not really necessary; dominate others

e.g. – Do you have someone who constantly puts you down or one-ups your accomplishments? That is not a real friend – get away from that person! If your friend has a different point of view or gets a tiny fact wrong, don’t correct or argue – if it’s not going to change the world, why hurt the relationship over something petty?

Values – What principles are important to you? Don’t compromise your values for anyone!

DO – stand by your values; associate with those with similar values; do the right thing regardless of consequences

e.g. – If you believe drugs or premarital sex is wrong, stand by those beliefs. If you know lying is wrong, don’t lie just to avoid punishment – it only makes matters worse.

DON’T – compromise just to please others; focus on or repeat past mistakes; be inconsistent with your words & actions

e.g. – Don’t take a drink just to fit in. Don’t tell everyone you are faithful and then cheat or spread gossip behind other’s backs.

Self-esteem – Are you struggling with a low self-image? Do you believe in yourself? Do not let others determine your worth as a person.

DO – focus on what you do well; believe in your worth and act upon that belief; let go of destructive habits; spend time with those who uplift

e.g. – If academics rather than sports is your strength, focus on that instead. Don’t harm yourself or call yourself stupid. If you have a friend that always encourages and never mentions your shortcomings, spend more time with that person.

DON’T – base self-esteem on the physical, such as looks or accomplishments; let others determine your worth; be a victim

e.g. – Don’t tie your self-worth to your actions – your self-esteem is not based on the person you date or the car you drive. If you need to dress a certain way or own an IPod just to be accepted by a group of friends, then they are not true friends – don’t let them belittle you for not measuring up to their shallow standards.

Fear – What do you fear the most? That you’ll be alone; do poorly at school or work; failing at life? What if you KNEW you could handle any situation?

DO – cure fear by taking action; aim for excellence not perfection; learn from failure

e.g. – If there’s a girl you want to talk to, then do it! Don’t feel you have to score a perfect 100 on every test or hit a home run every time – just do your best.

DON’T – waste time worrying; wait for perfect circumstances; give up

e.g. – Approximately 95% of all worries never come true, so why waste energy worrying? Just because none of your friends have aspirations for college, don’t let that stop you from taking steps now to assure it is in your future.

Confidence – Do you feel inadequate? Do you see yourself as a failure or a success? Confidence is gained by doing without quitting! Build on the small successes in your life.

DO – act confident; become proactive; find balance in your life; maintain your integrity; remember your attitude is all you can control

e.g. – Sometimes, you have to fake it until you make it – act confident, and soon the feeling will follow. Remember no one person or thing in life will make you happy. You can’t control people or all the situations in your life – just control your attitude and behavior.

DON’T – let circumstances control you; be self-serving in your motives; take criticism personally

e.g. – Don’t panic if a situation doesn’t go according to plan – what else can you do to make it happen? People often criticize what they envy or don’t understand – don’t let someone’s negative comment get to you.

Dreams – What are your goals? What do you really want to do and how far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams? A life with hope and purpose holds meaning.

DO – set short, mid, and long-range goals; surround yourself with reminders; focus on the goal not the obstacles; develop discipline; find a mentor

e.g. – You want a car of your own? Cut out pictures from magazines and post around your room. Create a plan to acquire that car – getting a job, assistance from parents, etc. A poor SAT score should not deter you from pursuing college – focus on your goal and what you can do to achieve it, including retaking the test or seeking a community or junior college.

DON’T – give up or fail to try; worry about how you’ll make it happen – just make the decision; listen to critics; focus on problems and obstacles

e.g. – You’ll never make the cheerleader squad if you don’t try out – that’s a guarantee! If a friend tells you that you’re not smart enough or pretty enough, don’t listen.

Peace – Are you conflicted and unhappy? Have you forgiven your past mistakes and failures? The past does not equal the future! Let it go and restore faith in yourself.

DO – maintain balance in life; develop optimism and faith; help others achieve

e.g. – Faith is the opposite of fear – step out on faith and believe that you CAN. Often helping others achieve their goals will help you achieve yours.

DON’T – dwell on the negative; get frustrated; focus on your weaknesses

e.g. – There will be days when you feel overwhelmed – remember it won’t last forever. If you persist and don’t give up, the odds of succeeding are in your favor. You may lack in one area, but where are you strong? Maybe you can’t dunk a basketball – can you score an A in English?

About the Author L. Diane Wolfe

She began writing as a teenager and was inspired to return by the adage that everyone needs “something to hope for and someone to love”. A Christian and a vegetarian, Wolfe enjoys sports and has a passion for rock climbing and roller coasters.

Growing up in Salem, Oregon, the author now resides North Carolina with her husband and two cats. As a member of the National Speakers Association, L. Diane Wolfe conducts seminars on promoting, leadership and goal setting. Ten years associating with a motivation training system and her experience as a foster parent gave her the in-depth knowledge of relationships, personality traits and success principles. She offers her seminars through community colleges, organizations and clubs. Wolfe travels the East Coast extensively for media interviews and speaking engagements. She averages over one hundred appearances each year, maintains a dozen websites and blogs, manages an online writer’s group, contributes articles for numerous media, does characterization sessions for schools, and speaks to writer’s groups. Additional information about her speaking is available a Spunk On A Stick