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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End of the First Draft

This week I finally finished the first draft of my next book. A month behind schedule, but it is done!

This weekend I begin the task of entering it into the computer and doing the first round of edits. (I hand-write all of my work.) Usually I start this process after writing a few chapters, but this time I didn’t. So, I am in new territory.

Since this is a non-fiction how-to book, I have a lot of references to include. Most I already have saved in several files, but some will require me to jump online or check book listings to complete. So the first round edit will be very time consuming.

I’d hoped to be further along in the process, but I’ve been pulled in many directions this year. Here’s a short list of what else I do besides write:

Speaking engagements - which includes sending out flyers, making calls, developing new seminars, research, announcements, and lots of travel.

Social networking and website maintenance.

Book ‘Em NC committee member duties - author school visits and school writing contest.

Publishing consultation and ebook formatting.

Run and maintain another business that requires travel.

Obligations to three different clubs and organizations.

Obligations to church and our local photo club.

Family obligations which include husband (very important), two needy cats, and phone calls and trips to Oregon for my mother, who is in assisted living now.

(They say diversity is good - you shouldn’t rely on just one income source - but some days I wonder.)

I think once this next book is done, I need a vacation!