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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

IWSG Anthology Contest and Comic Con Photos

The IWSG anthology contest is open for two more months.

The genre is middle grade historical – adventure/fantasy.

For those who are confused by the genre:

Middle grade – suitable for 9 – 14 year-old children.

Historical – it must have historical aspects and be set in a time before 2000 or earlier. It just needs to be set in the past.

Adventure/fantasy – the subgenre can be either adventure OR fantasy. The fantasy genre is acceptable as there are many ancient cultures and times that believed in supernatural occurrences.

Visit the IWSG site for details.

* * *

Dancing Lemur Press recently had booths at two cons.

I shared some photos at my main blog - Spunk On A Stick’s Tips. Here are some more:

Raleigh Galaxycon:

Greenville Comic Con:

Have you ever been to a comic con?


Stephen Tremp said...

Good times! Looks like this summer has been one for the records books for you.

DMS said...

I have never been to a comic con- but it does look fun. Love all the costumes! So fun to see characters posing with books. :) Yay!