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The Circle of Friends series follows a group of young adults as they face different challenges and learn to overcome. The emotionally gripping stories focus on love, friendships and the pursuit of dreams. Aimed at adults/young adults, these books defy the growing trend of salacious titles, especially for teenagers. Positive and uplifting, this series will leave readers determined to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some outstanding opportunities for writers and authors:

Book Blog Tours is an online class, run by Dani Greer. I took the class 2 and 1/2 years ago, and it really taught me a lot about blogging, Twitter, and preparing for a book tour. If you have a book release coming soon or want to hone your blogging skills, she is hosting a new class next month. Visit Book Blog Tours for details.

The Muse Online Writers Conference is this October 3-9. The largest and longest running online conference of its kind, it features week-long forum discussions, chat room discussions, and pitch sessions with publishers. Run by award-winning author and editor, Lea Schizas, this conference features many authors, editors, and publishers sharing their advice on how to succeed as a writer and author. Sign up today at The Muse Online Writers Conference

Book ‘Em NC is February 25, 2012. The Book ‘Em Foundation’s slogan is “Buy a Book - Stop a Crook” and the proceeds go to fight illiteracy. Of all the book festivals I’ve attended over the years, Book ‘Em is by far my favorite, and I’m thrilled one will finally be held in my home state. Over sixty authors are scheduled to appear so far, including headliners and NY Times bestsellers Carla Neggers and Michael Palmer. Registration is open until October. Visit the Book ‘Em NC website for details. If you’re a reader and live in either NC or SC, put the date on your calendar, because there are talks and panel discussions all day. You can also follow the Book Em NC Blog for more tips on preparing for the conference. Author p.m.terrell has done SO much work to promote this event and it’s gonna be huge!


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Oh! Thanks for the cool links! I've just been thinking about blog tours lately, so I need to check that out!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Jeremy Bates said...

great writing info on the site! and love the banner!
followed u over from karen's bbq... brought whiskey and steak! enjoy! and great blog--following!

Wendy said...

Just wanted to let you know your link to Blog Book Tours is broken. :(

I came over to say hi from Karen's BBQ!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Wendy, there was an issue with the links when I first posted this and I only fixed the first link to the Book Blog Tour - second one is fixed now.

Lisa said...

Hello Diane, I lived so far away to participate but would like to learn and know more about muse and writing through your informative sharing. Thank you.